Month: October 2014

Biography: “Feeding Eden” by Susan Weissman

Biography: “Feeding Eden” by Susan Weissman

Hurrah to Susan for an absolutely wonderful book about the joys and sorrows of raising a child with challenges. In this case, Susan’s son has a long list of food allergies that can be life-threatening. Susan uses her deftness as a writer to walk us through her son’s diagnosis and the changes they had to make to their lives in order to keep him healthy.

I found plenty of charm and wit here and also lots of advice for other parents. I felt like I could totally relate to Susan’s descriptions. Even though my family doesn’t have food allergy issues we have faced learning challenges with our son. Susan’s retelling of the mental processes she faced are the kind that any parent facing childhood challenges could sympathize with. I think a lot of parents would find comfort in this book knowing that others have walked the same or similar path.

The author has also included an extensive list of resources at the back of the book for those looking for more information about food allergies.

I found myself totally caught up in this story and I highly recommend it. The book was entertaining and informative all at the same time. I hope that Susan will continue to write stories for us to read because I thoroughly enjoyed her writing.

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“Starting to Frame” by Roger Gordon

What a thoroughly delightful memoir!

Roger Gordon is a great storyteller as is evidenced by the craftsmanship in the writing of this book. Roger brilliantly retells the story of his growing up in Sheffield, England. I loved his use of the local vernacular though it was a bit difficult to interpret. He does include a glossary at the end of the book if you find yourself particularly stumped by a word.

This book reads as well as any good fiction and it doesn’t hurt to mix up your reading list with the occasional real world story. I definitely recommend this one.

This book will be published on Nov. 14, 2014.

“Places Up Here” by C.A. Julal

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this book. I read the entire book but never really enjoyed the story. It’s meant to be the story of a young man coming to know himself but I found the characters difficult to relate to. I never really warmed up to anyone in this book and it mostly consisted of the main character’s introspection. His narration is directed toward someone who is never identified and this left me wondering and feeling like there was something missing. I cannot recommend this book to my readers but I encourage the author to work on polishing his writing style.