Month: March 2015

“Innocent in Las Vegas” by A.R. Winters

“Innocent in Las Vegas” by A.R. Winters

Innocent in Las Vegas is a fun, little mystery. Tiffany Black is a twenty-something in Las Vegas. She is just finishing her qualifications for a Private Investigator’s license and feels ready to take on her first case. That’s her day job, by night she is a dealer at a local casino. She gets a call from a girl she went to school with who has been arrested for the murder of her husband. She claims she’s innocent, and she wants Tiffany to prove it.

At first glance, Sophia certainly looks guilty. She was a stripper before she married. Her husband and his family, are casino owners, and the husband was a known womanizer. The gun that killed him was found in Sophia’s bedside table. The family and acquaintances all think she married for the money.

Tiffany starts by interviewing friends and family. She doesn’t get very far before she is being threatened by a couple of scary goons. Sophia hires a security man to protect her, a good-looking security man. There’s a whole lot of misunderstandings about this relationship when Stone accompanies her to dinner with her parents and grandmother. Tiffany keeps digging, but can she uncover the truth?

I really enjoyed this story. It was not a heavy read, but the murderer was not obvious either. Tiffany is delightful as she is feeling her way through her first case. This would be a great book for a vacation read.

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“Things Half in Shadow” by Alan Finn

“Things Half in Shadow” by Alan Finn

Things Half in Shadow is a mesmerizing story. Edward Clark is a reporter for a Philadelphia newspaper in the years following the Civil War. Edward, himself fought in the Civil War. One day his editor proposes a story to him. The city is burgeoning with spiritualists and mediums, it seems that everyone wants to get in touch with a loved one. Many of these people are just tricksters and Edward’s editor wants him to go to these séances and expose them as fakes.

Edward Clark has a secret which could pose a real problem for him if he takes this assignment. It could also prove to be very helpful in unmasking phony practitioners. Circumstances push him into taking the assignment. His first séance is with a woman named Lucy Collins. Edward quickly determines that her séance is nothing but tricks and writes an article to expose her. But Lucy is no dummy and when she reads the article and realizes what he’s up to, she wants in on the action. She proposes they work together to uncover the phonies, and her first target is Lenora Grimes Pastor, the most renowned psychic in Philadelphia. Lucy and Ed attend one of her séances, and along with the others present, are shocked when Mrs. Pastor suddenly dies in the middle of her trance. The police determine that she was poisoned by injection and now everyone in attendance is a suspect. Lucy and Ed decide to team up to clear their names. But little do they know what adventures their investigation will take them on.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Alan Finn has done an excellent job of bringing his characters to life and putting them in situations that are unusual but entirely believable. He has also really captured life in the time period. I found his descriptions of the people and places to be very engaging. It’s obvious that he did a lot of research for this book. There is mystery, action, and a little romance, all expertly incorporated into this lively and engaging story. I highly recommend this book, 5 out of 5 stars.

“Irreparable Harm” by Melissa F. Miller

Thoroughly enjoyable! Packed with action and intrigue! Those were my first thoughts upon reading Irreparable Harm. I was completely taken in my Sasha McCandless. Here’s this delicate, petite woman, who appears to be as harmless as a fly, but threaten her and you’ll find yourself flat on the floor. Sasha trains in Krav Maga which she uses more than once while investigating this case. Sasha is also a highly respected lawyer who is about to made a partner in her firm, but only if she handles this case properly.

A commercial aircraft has crashed killing all onboard. The airline who owns the plane is Sasha’s client. As she and her team begin to dig into the lives of the passengers they uncover information that is very suspicious. Did somebody plot to bring down that plane deliberately? An employee at a technology firm inadvertently sends Sasha critical information that was supposed to be kept secret. Now Sasha has two thugs after her trying to get the information back, at any cost. Sasha must use all her resources to untangle this spider’s web.

I found it very hard to tear myself away from this book. The characters were wonderfully believable. I even enjoyed the action scenes. I loved the idea of this small woman taking down the big thugs. There also a fair bit of courtroom drama too. I felt like there was a really good balance of the action, intrigue and drama. This book is part of a series which I have added to my reading list. I highly recommend this legal thriller.