Month: January 2017

“The Other Einstein” by Marie Benedict

“The Other Einstein” by Marie Benedict

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

We all know who Albert Einstein was, but do you know Mileva Maric Einstein? Mileva was Einstein’s first wife and a physicist in her own right. They met while at University in Zurich and had 3 children together. There is controversy in the world of physics about whether or not Mileva played a role in the development of Einstein’s early theories. “The Other Einstein” is a fictional account of Mileva’s life that is very heavily based on the facts. Marie Benedict has beautifully crafted this story. I was riveted from the first page to the last. Reading this book shines a new light on Einstein, which is not always flattering, but may be closer to the truth than the view that we are typically given about him. Mileva’s story is a perfect example of how women of the time period often reduced their own ambitions so that a husband and children could shine brighter. Albert Einstein has been idolized by the world for his brilliance and the accolades are well deserved, but he was still human and susceptible to human failures. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the author’s writing style make it approachable and easy to read. This book would be a great story for those who enjoy historical fiction or women’s stories.

Alinefromabook’s rating: 4-5-star-rating

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