Discreet Hans – Journeys Through Bookland

Discreet Hans – Journeys Through Bookland

Today’s story features Hans and Grethel (not to be confused with Hansel and Grethel) and is written by Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm.

Happy Listening!

About the Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm, were very learned German scholars who lived during the first half of the nineteenth century. They were both professors at the University of Gottingen, and published many important works, among them a famous dictionary. In their own country it is, of course, these learned works which have given them much of their fame, but in other countries they are chiefly known for their Fairy Tales.

Most of these they did not themselves write; they simply collected and rewrote. They would hear of some old woman who was famous for telling stories remembered from childhood, and they would present themselves at her cottage to bribe or wheedle her into telling them her tales. Perhaps the promise that her words should appear in print would be enough to induce her to talk; perhaps hours would be wasted in trying to make her grow talkative, without success. At any rate, the Grimm brothers finally collected enough of these stories to make a big, fat book. – Excerpt from Journeys Through Bookland

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