October Round-Up

Hello again! I hope you have all been enjoying October. It’s definitely gotten cooler here and my trees are pretty much bare now. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out and re-organizing of my TBR so that number sees a big change. I’ve also been incorporating some review of items other than books on the blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying it, or at least not hating it. So let’s see what the numbers look like.

TBR – I eliminated a total of 76 books from the list after revisiting them and deciding that I was no longer interested in reading them. In addition, I read or listened to 6 books this month, very, very sad performance here. Finally, I acquired 7 books during the month. All of that, brings the grand total to 192.

Goodreads Challenge – Not good, but not too bad. I am 4 books behind schedule currently.

NetGalley score – Somehow I have managed to keep this score at 86% despite my dismal reading performance.

John Connolly Challenge – Book 9 finished this month. Again I listened to the audiobook version.

Coming Up – In November, I plan to listen to Book 10 of the Charlie Parker series “The Burning Soul“.The Burning Soul I will also be listening to “The Butterfly Garden” by Dot Hutchinson.The Butterfly Garden This is my first book from this author and sounds like it could be really creepy. I am reading “Crux” by Jean GuerreroCrux right now and after that plan to take up “The Dream Daughter” by Diane Chamberlain.The Dream Daughter I will soon be posting reviews of “Blue Murder” by Colin Watson,Blue MurderThe Sleeper” by Emily Barr,The Sleeper and an outlier “The Crochet Stitch Handbook” by Betty Barnden. The Crochet Stitch Handbook

I think that’s about it for the month guys. I hope every one has a great November, enjoy your Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and don’t forget to read!

Happy Reading!

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