2018 Round-Up

2018 Round-Up

Happy New Year! (in about 3 hours)

We’ve been having a blizzard here in ND for a couple of days and the air in my house is dry as the desert. I have never before been so happy to have a humidifier. Wind chill when I went to work this morning was around =35 F. Overall, 2018 has been a decent year for my family. Moment of bragging: My son finished his first semester of college with a 4.0 GPA. North Dakota’s economy is on the upswing again and I started a new job that I have been loving. So let’s see what my reading year has been like.

TBR: I started the year with 277 on my list. I read 91 books, removed a bunch from the list because I had lost interest, and ended the year with a total of 192 waiting to be read.

2019 Goal: I have no specific goals for the TBR. Reality is, I will never read all the books I want to because there’s just too many books in the world!

Goodreads Challenge: I set my goal at 100 for 2018 and read 91. Not too shabby considering how much reading time I lost when I started the new job. I have been able to do a lot of listening while at work so that has made up for some of the loss.

2019 Goal: I’ve set my Challenge at 80 books for 2019. Even this may be too optimistic, we’ll see.

NetGalley score:  I started 2018 with a score of 68% and ended the year with and 86%. I consider that quite an accomplishment.

2019 Goal:  Don’t let my score drop! If it goes up – bonus points.

John Connolly Challenge:  As it turns out, I’ve been listening to this whole series and I’ve worked my way through 10 of the books in 2018. As of now, there are 5 more books in the series and I anticipate finishing it in May.

2019 Goal: Finish this challenge. I’m not sure yet what series I will pick up after this. Sara Paretsky’s V.I Warshawski and the Longmire series have both been on my list for a while but I’m also really anxious to read more of the Jack Reacher series, so who knows. Feel free to make a suggestion in the Comments.

So that’s my news for now. I’m heading into tax season starting tomorrow and may not be able to come up for air again until March. I hope you all have a great night and that 2019 exceeds all your expectations.

Happy Reading!


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