Writing Prompt – Zodiac

When I hear the word zodiac the first thing that pops in my mind is stars and mystical creatures. And then I remember that as a child I was taught to stay away from anything related to the zodiac. “Never read your horoscope” “Don’t ever talk about what your sign is.” “These things are Satanic and will corrupt you, stay away!” As I grew older and came to the realization that God was not going to strike me down with a bolt of lightning if I did the things I was forbidden to do, I began to be a little curious. So one day, I read a description of the characteristics of my sign, Leo, and I didn’t identify with any of them! But often I will see the characteristics of a particular sign in other people. So maybe I’m just an oddball or maybe there’s a lot more to the zodiac and astrology that I every thought. I don’t know if I will ever be a believer but I don’t avoid the topic anymore. Like with other religions, I think it is helpful to have a basic understanding of other systems of belief so that we can better understand the people that subscribe to those systems of belief. And even if you are a staunch conservative Christian it remains part of your belief system that a star led the wise men to Jesus. So maybe there is something to the zodiac.

Thank you to Sammi Cox for providing today’s writing prompt.

One thought on “Writing Prompt – Zodiac

  1. I don’t believe in astrology at all but I’m a Leo too and I must admit I have pretty much all the Leo traits… and of course the birthstones for Leos are diamonds and rubies, and I’m fine with that! 😉


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