6/10/2019 at Alinefromabook

Hey friends! Sorry for the long silence. We had a bit of a family emergency here that distracted me for a few days. I have been doing some reading and have 4 reviews I need to write. I’ve also been keeping an eye out for my jackrabbits. We had 2 show up in the front yard the other day and one of them was sitting in a spot where 3 of the sprinkler heads meet. He just sat there letting the water fall all over him for about 5 minutes. I guess it was the rabbit version of a bird bath. One of these days I’m going to have my phone with me when the rabbits show up so I can take some pictures to share. Until we get either a cat or a dog (the debate rages on) the rabbits are my only pets.

Well, I just wanted to touch base and say Hi. I think I’ll try to get a start on those reviews now. Have a great week!!

Happy Reading!

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