“Murder in the Mill-Race” by E.C.R. Lorac

“Murder in the Mill-Race” by E.C.R. Lorac


“Never make trouble in the village” is an unspoken law, but it’s a binding law. You may know about your neighbor’s sins and shortcomings, but you must never name them aloud. It’d make trouble, and small societies want to avoid trouble.”

When Dr Raymond Ferens moves to a practice at Milham in the Moor in North Devon, he and his wife are enchanted with the beautiful hilltop village lying so close to moor and sky. At first, they see only its charm, but soon they begin to uncover its secrets—envy, hatred, and malice.

Everyone says that Sister Monica, warden of a children’s home, is a saint—but is she? A few months after the Ferens’ arrival her body is found drowned in the mill-race. Chief Inspector Macdonald faces one of his most difficult cases in a village determined not to betray its dark secrets to a stranger.

My Thoughts:

Milham in the Moor is a quiet little village where everybody knows everybody else’s business but no one will talk to an outsider. When a second murder, in a matter of months, occurs the village finds it harder and harder to keep quiet. Someone has upset the balance and Inspector Macdonald and Dr. Ferens are determined to find out who. My favorite characters in this story are Dr. Ferens and his wife. The author has created a loving young couple who want to make their life in this little village and they are just delightful to read about. I also really enjoyed Inspector Macdonald. He comes into the village looking for answers but is not heavy-handed about it. He respects the solidarity of the village but he will not stop looking and eventually he gets the breakthrough that he needs as the pieces of the puzzle slowly start to come together. I think the story moved along at a really good pace with lots of clues that I, as the reader, didn’t anticipate. The ending came as a surprise as well. I continue to enjoy this author from the “Golden Age of Mystery” and I’m really glad these books are being made available again. Fans of mysteries in historical settings should really enjoy this one.

Alinefromabook’s rating:

Glowing StarGlowing StarGlowing StarGlowing Star

Happy Reading!

Find it on Amazon – this one releases on Aug. 6th, 2019


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