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New Feature! Memory Monday – “Betsy’s Adventure”

New Feature! Memory Monday – “Betsy’s Adventure”

Hey Followers! I’m starting something new with this post. Memory Monday is where I will feature books which have made memories for me that have lasted a lifetime. The first book I’m featuring is called “Betsy’s Adventure” by Gwyneth Mamlok. Ms. Mamlok wrote the story and did the pictures. This book is my first choice because it was my first book. My parents gave me this book on my first birthday and it has remained a favorite of mine ever since. “Betsy’s Adventure” was first published in 1963 in London and the following year in the US.
In the story, Betsy looks to be about 5 years old and she loves to go for walks. One day there is no one available to take her for a walk, so she decides to go for a walk by herself.

Betsy's Adventure 2
She starts off down the road and she see the ducks and the cows, and finally comes to the woods. She wanders off the path, into the woods, busily picking flowers, when she realizes she is lost. Just when she gives up hope of finding her way home her brother finds her and together they retrace their steps. After a warm bath Betsy goes to sleep vowing to never walk in the woods alone again.

Betsy's Adventure 1
The story and the pictures are absolutely charming. For many years I had a crush on Betsy’s adorable older brother, who sports orange hair, a cowboy hat, and a gun belt in this story. Every elementary schoolgirl’s dream!
I was disappointed not to find any biographical information about the author, though I did find pictures of a series of books she wrote featuring a girl named Candy. My memories of this story are all good and as I got older I always found it reassuring that when Betsy was in trouble her big brother came to rescue her. I was elated when my mother found this book again, packed away in a box, the year that my son had his first birthday. He also loved the story and I again got to enjoy bedtime with Betsy.

Let me know what you think of this new feature. Thanks!

Happy Reading!