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“Experiencing God: Volume V” by Clare Mc Neill

“Experiencing God: Volume V” by Clare Mc Neill

This is a book of inspirational poetry. The poems have been written by the author during times of prayer and studying the Bible. The author states that the poems have been inspired by both the Old and New testaments and speak of God’s desire to bless His people.

I did not find the poems to be particularly inspiring, but that is probably because I’m not especially fond of poetry. I found that the poems definitely referenced many portions of the Bible and I did not find anything in them that was theologically incorrect (always something I look for in a book that claims to be inspired by God). I think that lovers of poetry and lovers of God could find a lot of hope and comfort in these poems. None of them are particularly long so even if you only have a minute you can easily finish a poem. I would recommend reading them one at a time and taking time to ponder and let them sink in.

Happy Reading!

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