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Book Review: “A Different Breed” by Mary Rowell

Book Review: “A Different Breed” by Mary Rowell

A vampire is a vampire, right? Not in this book! I’ve never been very interested in vampire fiction but I was asked to read this one and I thought I should at least give the genre a fair shot. I was not disappointed. Mary Rowell has created a compelling story about Kate, a young lady, who against her will, is experimented on with injections of vampire blood. The book tells the journey of Kate through her escape and her subsequent effort to build a colony where vampires can be safe. Along the way she learns of two different “breeds” of vampire, the Basques and the Carpathians. Kate wants to create a utopia for vampires.

A really liked Kate. What happened to her was not deserved but she shows amazing strength and resilience, and while she loses her innocence she keeps her compassion and her desire to help others. Along her journey she meets some other great characters, like Sarah and Jens, she is blessed with a mentor and develops lifelong bonds. Whether you like vampires or not this is a really good story and one which I readers of all ages will enjoy. A+ to the author for introducing me to another interesting world.

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