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Paranormal Book Review: “Beyond” by Willow Rose

Paranormal Book Review: “Beyond” by Willow Rose

Ever wonder what happens when you die? In “Beyond” we get to accompany a teenage girl as she wakes up to find that she has died and is now on her way to the Academy to be trained as a spirit and learn how to live in the Afterlife. Meghan has no concrete memories of her life on Earth, just an impression that she had parents and went to school. As she progresses through the training at the Academy she learns fun things, like how to fly and walk through walls, but she will also learn that when spirits take action in the human world there will be consequences, and they are not always good. Meghan gets involved with a human named Jason, even though it is against school rules, and she finds herself learning a very hard lesson in the process.

“Beyond” is the first book in a series and the ending will leave you wanting more. I really liked Meghan and Jason. I work with teenagers every day and these two were so believable they reminded of some of the kids I know. The author has put them in a situation with some harsh realities which they will have to confront and work through. For Meghan, her time on earth has left her unprepared for Jason’s situation, but her intentions are good even if her methods are not well thought out. This is a relatively short book and would be a good read for a long winter weekend. I think the story will be enjoyed most by teens and young adults. I’m impressed by the world that the author has created in this book and I look forward to reading more by Willow Rose.

Alinefromabook’s rating: THUMBS-UP!

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