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“Coffin, Scarcely Used” by Colin Watson

“Coffin, Scarcely Used” by Colin Watson

Prepare to be delighted! Inspector Purbright is on the job in Flaxborough, so murderers beware. A local businessman dies and 6 months later his next-door neighbor is also dead. When Purbright discovers that the two men were friends and involved in a not-so-legal business with other local businessmen, he suspects the deaths are more than coincidence. And where does the not-so-unhappy widow fit in? There are many questions, but Purbright is on the job, and he and his men will find the answers.

The Flaxborough Mysteries were published in the 1950’s and are being re-released. This is the first in the series and should not be missed. While the story is more along the lines of a cozy mystery than a thriller, I found to be a joy to read. The author writes with imagination and wit and creates a story that is both full of mystery and fun at the same time. Inspector Purbright is very intelligent and clever, knowing exactly how to get the information he needs from his suspects. This is classic British crime and I highly recommend it.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  5-star-rating 5 stars!!

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