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“Demelza” by Winston Graham

“Demelza” by Winston Graham

It’s time to return to Nampara for more of the lives of the Poldark family. This is book 2 and the focus is largely on Demelza and her development as Ross’s wife and lady of the house. Demelza gives birth to their first child, she hires new staff and attempts to play matchmaker for Verity. Meanwhile, the price of copper is falling and the mines are being forced to shut down, and Ross embarks on a new business venture. The story continues to explore the relationships between the Poldarks, their extended family, and members of the community.

In this book, I continued to be enchanted by Demelza and Ross. I really enjoy how the author doesn’t just relate events in their lives, but really digs deep into their relationship to each other, how they think, what they are feeling, and how their perception of their lives changes with the events that face them. I also enjoyed watching Demelza as she develops out the miner’s daughter role and into the role of lady of the house and part of the larger community. I did find this book to have some very sad moments, more so than the first book, but the storytelling is exquisite and I just had to keep reading till the end. I hope to be able to continue reading this series. Highly recommended!

Alinefromabook’s rating:  4-5-star-rating 4.5 stars!!

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