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“Hopjoy Was Here” by Colin Watson

“Hopjoy Was Here” by Colin Watson

The Flaxborough Mysteries – Book 3

All the neighbors are watching as the Flaxborough police remove a bathtub from a local home. The home is occupied by two bachelors, but neither has been seen for a few days. The police received an anonymous letter indicating that something may have happened in the bathroom. Inspector Purbright is on the case and his loyal sergeant, Sid Love, is right by his side. But just as they are getting started a couple of Secret Service guys show up claiming that one of the men, Hopjoy, is a spy working in the area. Periam, the second bachelor is the owner of the house and by all accounts the two men lived together harmoniously. But Purbright suspects that Hopjoy has not gone off on some mission but has in fact been murdered.

This is my favorite book in the series so far. This story takes us back to Flaxborough proper where Purbright is really in his element. I love how Colin Watson starts his books because he just drops you into the drama without preamble and the first mystery the reader has to solve is what the heck happened, in this case, to cause an entire tub to be removed as police evidence. In this story, I enjoyed Purbright even more; he seems to have a firmer personality this time around. There are also some great new characters. The two Secret Service guys were very intriguing, I found their way of working together to be a bit slapstick in nature but still enjoyable reading. The investigation goes back and forth between what Purbright and Love and learning and what the SS guys are learning. It all comes together in the end for a somewhat shocking conclusion.

Alinefromabook’s rating:  5-star-rating 5 stars!!

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